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Bristol Fine Antique Arms Fair tomorrow

The Bristol Fine Antique Arms Fair opens at 10.00 am on Sunday 1st March. Trade admission (for £15) is at 9.00 am. This quality fair offers the best examples of fine antique arms and armour from leading dealers. Antique guns of all kinds will be offered for sale. Good antique flintlocks, wheelocks, percussion and obsolete calibre cartridge guns will be available to buy. If you are looking for real antique pistols, rifles, muskets, revolvers or carbines; Bristol is the place to view them, and virtually every antique arm displayed is for sale.

In addition to the antique guns for sale, there will be a wide variety of antique edged weapons for sale: Antique swords, sabres, rapiers, epees, smallswords, hangers, bayonets, daggers, dirks, fighting knives and hunting knives all available to buy from knowlegeablw and experienced dealers.

The Bristol Fine antique Arms Fair dealers may also have for sale that hard-to-find accessory: Antique powder flasks, bullet moulds, cap tins, turnscrews, nipple keys, cleaning rods, oil bottles and reloading tools are all available for sale.

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