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An Exceptional, Named, Victorian, British Naval Officers Pattern 1827 Naval Sword, With Documentation.

Stock Number: 20170920

£895.00 GBP

Offered for Sale is this very fine condition British Naval Officers Pattern 1827 Sword. It has a 31.5" straight flat backed single fuller spear pointed blade, maker J Gieve, Portsmouth, with the owners name "HS Bland RN" engraved to the hilt. The sword, and it's original scabbard are in exceptional condition, and dates to C 1900. Complete with some historical documentation.


C 1900


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Geographical area

UK and Ireland

Category: Edged and other weapons


Offered for Sale is this very fine condition British Naval Officers Pattern 1827 Sword. It has a 31.5″ straight flat backed single fuller spear pointed blade. The last 9″ of the blade is double edged. The blade is polished and frost etched, to one side with the Crowned fouled abchor, some foliate designs, and a brass proof disc next to the hilt. To the other side is the Royal Coat Of Arms, some scrolling foliage, and the makers name “J Gieve & Son/Naval Outfitters/Portsmouth” They traded from 44 Fore Street Devonport between 1900-1906.
There is a solid brass Gothic Style hilt, with a cartouche displaying a Crowned Fouled Anchor. There is an Inner folding guard, engraved with the owners name “H.S. Bland RN”. There is a Lion Headed Pommel, with extended mane, a White fish Skin grip, with brass wire, and an original Victorian blue and gold sword knot. The original black leather scabbard has brass furniture fittings, and 2 attached ring hangers. Overall, everything is in exceptional condition for it’s age, with only very minor rust spots on the edge of the blade … otherwise in “as new condition”.
There is extensive research documentation regarding the history of the owner, who was a Sub Lieutenant on HMS Beagle, a twin screw sloop in May 1901. Sadly, he died in a drowning accident in September 1901.

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GB Millais Antiques

I have dealt in Antique Arms and Armour for about 35 years, and my interest began as a school boy during the 2nd WW.
After leaving my home town of Leicester, I went to University, and qualified as a Dental Surgeon at Guys Hospital in 1961 .
My main interests are British and North American Arms of the 18th, 19th,and early 20th Century, plus a few Continental items.
It was 14 years ago that I retired from Dentistry. However, I have continued running my Antiques business, initially while still in practice, and now make most of my sales online, but still exhibit at a number of specialized Antique Arms and Militaria Fairs eg .. Bisley, Bristol, and also at the IACF Fairs, at Ardingly, Sussex.
I also deal in Period Scientific Instruments, mainly of a military association, and have a full listing on www.fleaglass.com.

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