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A US Remington Double Barrelled 1Vth Model, deringer pistol, in .41 calibre rim fire

Stock Number: 50170


A Fine US Double Barrelled 41 calibre Rim Fire derringer Pistol


C 1912 - 1935


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Geographical area

North America

Category: Firearms


Model 95 Double Derringer, Made from 1866 – 1935, in 4 models. All of them had 3″ round superposed barrels, tipping upwards for loading. Each barrel is rifled, and in .41calibre.rim fire.
The basic design never changed in the 69 years that they were manufactured, and the only way to identify which of the 4 models you have, is by the type and position of the address … with the exception that the very first had no manual extraction between the barrels.

This example, is the Type III.a.k.a the 4th Model….. marked to the top barrel flat …”Remington Arms U.M.C Co. Ilion N.Y.”
In excellent condition, the metal work retains a very high % of original blue finish, with minor areas of thinning.
The 2 piece grips are very unusual, and are in carved Stag Horn, also in very fine condition.
The rifled bores are Grade I, and are probably unfired, bright, and shiny.
Action to 1/2 & full cock, is very sound and strong.
The hinge is un cracked.
This model was made between 1912 and 1935 [ serial numbers were not consecqutive, and were usually batch numbers]

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GB Millais Antiques

I have dealt in Antique Arms and Armour for about 35 years, and my interest began as a school boy during the 2nd WW.
After leaving my home town of Leicester, I went to University, and qualified as a Dental Surgeon at Guys Hospital in 1961 .
My main interests are British and North American Arms of the 18th, 19th,and early 20th Century, plus a few Continental items.
It was 14 years ago that I retired from Dentistry. However, I have continued running my Antiques business, initially while still in practice, and now make most of my sales online, but still exhibit at a number of specialized Antique Arms and Militaria Fairs eg .. Bisley, Bristol, and also at the IACF Fairs, at Ardingly, Sussex.
I also deal in Period Scientific Instruments, mainly of a military association, and have a full listing on www.fleaglass.com.

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