Colt 2nd Mod Derr 1 (Cut-out)
  • Colt 2nd Mod Derr 1 (Cut-out)
  • Colt 2nd Mod Derr 1 (Corrected)
  • Colt 2nd Mod Derr 2 (Corrected)
  • Colt 2nd Mod Derr 3 (Corrected)
  • Colt 2nd Mod Derr 4 (Corrected)

Colt 2nd. Model Derringer

Stock Number: Pc142


Colt 2nd. Model Derringer in .41 rim fire calibre




Length: 135mm, Height: 70mm, Barrel Length: 64mm.

Geographical area

North America

Categories: Firearms, Obsolete cartridge firearms


Colt 2nd. Model Derringer in .41 rim fire calibre. Nickel finish, rosewood grips. One of 9,000 manufactured between 1870 and 1890.
The finish appears to be an old re-nickel, with approximately 70% + remaining. Barrel address is faded because of a slightly heavy application of nickel plating (See photo). Serial number clear. Action good, bore clean rifling faint but clear.

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GB Stand of Arms

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