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Roth Sauer M1907

Stock Number: A1339

£2,950.00 GBP

7.65mm Roth Sauer M1907 automatic Pistol

Category: Firearms


A 7.65mm Roth Sauer M1907 automatic pistol marked to the left hand plate ‘Sole Agent for South Africa R Muller Cape Town’.  This pistol does not bear the ‘R’ crown mark nor does it have any LP marks to it; it is still a rare item.  Condition:  The pistol retains some 80% of its original blue finish, the bore is worn, it has Germany U Crown proof marks to the left hand side of the action.  The number of the pistol is A6**. Category:  Section 58/2 for UK.  Export Licence for abroad.

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GB Arian Trading

George Yannaghas, the Principal of Arian Trading, has been collecting and dealing in Fine Arms both Antiques, Classic Collectors long arms and pistols, game guns and their accessories for over half a century. Arian Trading continues to operate in the field of Fine Antiques Arms and Armour, Classic Pistols and Revolvers, Vintage and Collectors Rifles and Game Guns. We try to find items that collectors treasure which are of a high standard of quality, rarity and desirability, something which is becoming increasingly hard as good supplies come less to the market. We are always interested in obtaining as well as selling fine things. We can be contacted by email: arian@ariantrading.com or telephone 01844 278139 to discuss any transaction or interest.

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