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Very Fine Cased Remington Type 2 Double Barrelled Derringer

Stock Number: P1247


A very fine Cased Remington Type 2 Over and Under, Double Barrelled Derringer in .41 Rim Fire calibre (Obsolete).





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North America, UK and Ireland


A very fine Remington Type 2 Over and Under, Double Barrelled Derringer in .41 Rim Fire calibre (Obsolete), contained in an very rare original and period London case made for this type of Derringer, also containing a number of dummy .41 cartridges (Machined from solid brass) a multi purpose tool made specifically for this type of Derringer and a Cleaning/Clearing Rod. The Derringer is of the Type 2 variety manufactured between 1888 and 1913. It is not possible to be more specific because Remington used 3 digit serial numbers which repeated during this period but the style of case would tend to lead to the conclusion that it is most likely that manufacture occurred between 1888 and 1900. The gun is nickel plated and has 95% + remaining, this has a strong colour and exhibits very little, if any “Milkiness” often seen on 19th Century nickel plated guns. The bores are good and the action is in excellent working order. Both barrel hinges are sound and not cracked or repaired. The grips are very good. The case and the accessories are in good condition.

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GB Stand of Arms

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